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The Wrong Agenda is a news site geared towards covering all topics from entertainment to everyday issues.

The Wrong Agenda is complimented by The Wrong Agenda Podcast who's host take time to dive deeper into these and other topics.


Podcast Host

Chique Luch

A Nigerian woman finding herself in America, Chique Luch finds herself representing for those who have been lost and found in different aspects of their lives. She stands for what she believes and makes it known that she will be heard. With a big heart and strong personality, her presence is very well known as she has earned her place as the female host of The Wrong Agenda Podcast and Writer. 

Podcast Host


Steffon is from Brooklyn New York. His Nationality is of Caribbean decent, so he is no stranger to the culture of the strong Caribbean islands. Sports enthusiast , traveler, and asshole, he never fails to educate and appreciate all and everything in life.

Podcast Host

Mister G

Mister G is from Queens, NY  Born and raised. Always looking for success and believes in others. He loves to travel and explores other cultures.

Other Credits

Chique Luch: Writer

Elad GoodMan: Writer

M. Leek: Podcast Showrunner/Human Resources 

Just Dale: Podcast Executive Producer/Director/Website Editor In Chief

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