Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Should The Oldest Professions Be Legal?? Let's Talk Prostitution

     With all of the changes to laws on abortions and drugs should we be taking a look at another very polarizing crime? Prostitution. Prostitution has very deep roots in human culture with instances being referenced from ancient Greece, to the Bible and even ancient Sumerians were said to operate brothels. So what is the drawback of prostitution and are we heading into a legalized prostitution society? Lets first look at some of the current arguments that can be applied to the case of legalized sex.

      In the fight for abortion, many people rest on the line "let women do what they want with their bodies"
now while i do understand this is a separate subject and i am in no way saying these things are apples to apples but is it then outrageous to think that a woman in the business of selling sex would share the same sentiment? "My body my choice".

      In the fight for legalized weed we often hear terms such as "its natural" , "you can't overdose on weed" so is this not technically true also for sex? Is sex any less natural then burning a plant or any less dangerous in excess?

     Now many may say with prostitution comes many dangers. With a stifling human trafficking problem currently plaguing the western world, will legalized prostitution backed and regulated by government help control the violent side of things or would the extra pressure force more secretive behavior. If all workers had the ability to be protected and registered by law would that slow down human trafficking by putting the burden on the "John"(person paying for sex) to only deal with legit workers? Remembering at one time prohibition laws prevented people from consuming alcohol but the country seen an uptick in bootleg liquor production and underground bars ran by seedy characters and gangsters. It appears that the control of the alcohol distribution put a halt to these types of criminal activities to some degree.

     Will giving these men(yes they exist) and woman a safe way to practice and obligation to pay taxes keep them from having to deal with and require protection from criminal organizations. Can it ever be accepted as a "real" job? Well that brings me to my next question.

     What separates porn stars from prostitutes? Essentially they are both engaging in sexual acts for money but, while one is considered "performing arts" the other is crime. According to Pornhub, one of the worlds leading porn sites is the #6 most viewed website in the United States. To put that in prospective Google is #1 and Wikipedia is #12. This says that the demand for sex is higher then the collective knowledge of the people which is Wikipedia.

     While most of the U.S. does outlaw prostitution the state of Nevada allows it with regulation. There are currently 21 legal brothels(sex houses) operational throughout the state. With that being said illegal prostitution in Nevada is said to gross around $5 Billion....yes with a "B" a year while brothels bring in about $75 million. Just imagine how much income tax is being missed out on as well as tax payers dollars to police, jail, and prosecute for these activities?

     From a legal and business standpoint a strong case can be mad for legalizing prostitution but, what about from a moral one? Can the stigma of being a prostitute or sex worker fade away? Will making it legal encourage the perception that people, mainly woman's bodies are a commodity unlike a cell phone? Is that a message as a people we want to convey to the generation's coming behind us? Is a promiscuous woman not getting paid better than one who chooses to generate revenue off of her acts?
If poorly regulated there can be a wealth of problems accompanying this change in law, but the greatest loss seems to be in the form of mortality.

With that thank you for reading feel free to sound off in the comments all opinions pros and cons are welcome. This article is a companion piece to the episode "To Prostitute Or Not To Prostitute" of The Wrong Agenda Podcast which can be found HERE or wherever you stream your podcast.

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